Nikolaos Theodorou

My path and my action.


My scientific and professional approach.

kalamata - Messinia

My positions on today and the tomorrow of our homeland.


My thoughts and suggestions on the challenges faced by the country.


My contribution to issues with a European Dimension.

Welcome to my page!

I welcome you to my personal website, through which I wish to share my views as well as some realistic and workable proposals on a wide range of crucial issues to our lives.

Throughout my professional, social and personal life, I have been trying to put forward my ideas and beliefs for the common good through collective action and service. Having gained significant experience and knowledge from my tenure in Greece and abroad, I have now decided that it is the right time for the next step: to exchange my views with you, in order to define our common fate with optimism and determination. Let us begin!!!


Η Ελλάδα μετά το μηνμόνιο