Interventions 2018

Greece after the memorandum: progress towards the unknown or new start?

(First publication: Eleftheria newspaper, September 2018)

"And now what will happen without barbarians. These people were a sort of solution." Read more...

The Greek "Theater of Paradise": tragedy or prank?

(First Publication, Eleftheria newspaper, July 2018)

"And those who have sought to redeem the names in the work have changed their rights". Thucydides, Histories, 3.82.4. Read more...

The "darkest hour": the hasty national contraction and the need for a new, patriotic leadership

(First Publication: Eleftheria newspaper, March 2018)

At the dawn of 2018 prevails in our country a strange, fanciful euphoria.Read more...

Earlier Interventions

The real "social dividend": a new, national energy policy

(First Publication: Eleftheria newspaper, December 2017)

In the last days of 2017 in our country, politicians and citizens "dance" to the rhythm of the notorious social dividend.Read more..

Greece in ... syntax: Towards a National Demographic Policy?

(First Publication: Eleftheria newspaper, October 2017)

The news from the local press has been rather blunt: "The population of Messinia has been reducedRead more...

The democracy of sensations and hallucinations

(First Publication, Eleftheria newspaper, August 2017)

"We are in favor of a name ... for a few but for many of our own democracy." Read more...

The "syndrome of insomnia"

(First Publication: Eleftheria newspaper, May 2017)

We live in a time of collective mental illness. Read more...