I was born in September 1984 and I grew up in Kalamata. Son of Manolis Theodorou, a veteran foootball player of Kalamata F.C and President of the team's Veteran Association, as well as of Prof. Haroula Tsoroni from Aris, Messinia.


Graduate of the 1st Lyceum of Kalamata.

Graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens.

ERASMUS fellow of the European Union at the University of Munich Law School.

Master-holder in European and International Commercial Law of the LMU University of Munich Law School.

Ph.D holder (Dr. Juris) in Public Law and EU Law at the LMU University of Munich.

Fluent in English, German, French and Greek.

Ranked 3rd nationwide to enter the Law School of the University of Athens (2002).

Ranked 1st nationwide to enter the Political Science and Public Administration School of the University of Athens.


Teenager MP of Messinia in the Hellenic Parliament.

Member of the Messinian delegation to the European educational and environmental water resource management program in Nordden, Germany.

Head of the Greek Delegation to the European Parliament (EUROSCOLA Program).

Member of the General Assembly, and the Sector of International Studies of the Law School of the University of Athens.

I'm a qualified Attorney-at Law before the Court of Appeals, member of Kalamata Bar Association and Senior Associate in ''G.S Kostakopoulos and Associates'' Law Firm (Athens- Brussels).

I specialize in EU law, administrative and tax law, company law and competition law, labor law, industrial property law and personal data protection issues (G.D.P.R).

I have provided advice and represented before Courts distinctive clients-businesses from Greece and abroad, covering a wide range of disputes in the above areas.

I'm a co-author of Bloomberg BNA Portfolio for the Greek Tax System as well as of other internationally published academic papers.


  • Senior Associate in the law firm "GS KOSTAKOPOULOS AND ASSOCIATES" (Athens-Brussels).
  • During my military service, I was responsible for foreign press at the Ministry of National Defense's Information Office (2013).
  • During my collaboration with the distinguished law firm Martens in Munich, I contributed to the formulation of the FIBA and FIBV international regulations and conventions (2011-2012).
  • I have also worked as a Blue Book Trainee legal advisor for the European Commission in Luxembourg, contributing to the effective management of the Greek Statistics file and to the promotion of the new EU legislation on the statistical system (2010).


Awards from the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation, the Hellenic Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Kalamata (1st Prize Nicholas Politis).

ERASMUS Scholar of the European Union to attend the Law School of the LMU University of Munich.

Postgraduate scholar of the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and the European Union.



In my spare time, I study modern history and play classical guitar. I love versified poetry.